Simple Yet Effective; Technology drives Sales

I had an interesting encounter with a young chap yesterday. Mind you, not that I am any old 🙂

In one of the Christmas festivities that I attended yesterday, there was a small outlet selling home made chocolates, yum ! Well, as I was passing by, I noticed a QR Code displayed there. This surprised me because, firstly, I did not expect many people to know about the QR Code in the local circuit here and secondly, I really did not expect a small chocolate outlet to display this.

We stuck up an instant conversation and I found out that not many, in fact, very few customers of his knew about the QR Codes. This was not surprising. However surprising was the fact that most of his sales were to people who had come to inquire about the maze like looking QR Code. Many kids were trying to identify Alphabets that funnily appeared hidden in the code. On being shown that the QRC actually lead to the Facebook page on a smart phone, their smiling moms had little choice, but to buy them the chocolates.

This is an interesting case wherein that chap did not try to sell, but the innovative marketing drove sales.

Needless to say, I too bought those beauties.

Do you have any stories to share? If yes, please do.


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Legal implications for Corporate Social Presence

There is a strange but typical story of a person looking at the sky. This individual was intently looking at the sky and appeared to deliberate on something peculiar. Another fellow walking by notices this and starts looking at sky with an equal interest. Soon a small crowd gathers around the first person, each person looking at the sky and trying to figure out what the others were looking at!

This story may or may not be true. But if we transpose the same scenario to reflect today’s organizations and their want for a ‘Social’ presence, it will surely be a correct depiction. All companies, small and large want to be present in the Social circles, probably not wanting to miss the bandwagon.

There are pros and cons to it, but that’s not my point now.

One of our customers, when we were proposing a ‘Social’ solution, came up with an interesting yet simple question.

Could they be sued by an individual if they fail to react / respond to a complaining post made on any social media by that person (where our customer has a presence). For example, if an individual tweets about a significant product defect / fault on Twitter and given that our customer has a Twitter presence; can that individual sue my customer if they fail to address the problem?

Well, this is a new domain for me. In this era, when many known organizations are gung ho about being ‘Social’, I wonder whether each of them address the legal ramifications that it may have.

For instance, if a company wants to be on multiple social channels, do they take care for the following?

a) Check if they inadvertently don’t leak proprietary information

b) Do not publish information that leads to copyright infringement

c) Address the issue of their data / information handling if they decide to vacate a particular social channel.

I am sure that there are many more implications.

Till the time I revisit this again, I’d appreciate your comments. How should an organization plan for its social journey, what care should be taken?


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